Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramblings for the day

The endocrinologist has determined that Kaiden's throid levels are completely normal for his age.  YAY!!  Not that I had any real doubt . . .

He has started to get into another 4-point position - this time with his feet, not his knees, with his little butt up in the air.  He hasn't figured out how to move in that position yet though.  It's so much fun to watch him inchworm himself to his toys - and under them.  This morning we practiced putting wood blocks into a bucket.

Here's the continuation of the list of accomplishments - last posting was for 7/19.

7/22/10 can pick up wooden blocks and fling them

7/23/10 consistently grabs for sippy cup on table during mealtime when he wants a drink

Now grabs handfuls of food out of the bowl and waves them around.

7/25/10 Opens mouth now when grabbing handfuls of food, gets much closer to his mouth before dropping it.

7/27/10 loves to pick up and examine his books

8/3/10 can army crawl in a circle, pivoting on belly

Brings food right to mouth and tries to get it in mouth now

8/6/10 took several unassisted giant alternating steps forward while the PT held him upright.

Can now “inchworm” to get toys out of reach.

8/13/10 purposely putting objects inside something. In this case, his wooden blocks into the base of the excersaucer. Now can put them into a bucket.

8/20/10 straightens legs and puts butt in air while in rocking 4-point position.

8/23/10 flinging blocks ahead and inchworming after them

Exploring his environment, not just his toys & books


I must admit today that I am disappointed.  I contacted a couple more places to talk about the benign myoclonic seizure/nightshade foods connection, and although I was delighted that one party responded and was interested, they didn't seem very interested.  Basically a "we'll keep an eye out if ever somebody else mentions it too".

Well, that's kind of my whole point, isn't it??  To mention it to others to see if they will try it?  If they don't know and nobody ever tells them, how can they try it?  I feel like I could have stumbled on an amazing medical discovery here and the western medical world just.isn't.interested. 

Should I be suprised about that?  After all, this would be a monetary loss for the pharmaceutical industry.  No anticonvulsant meds.  And a loss for the doctors, because if this works, and their patients don't need meds therefore developing no side effects that need to be monitored, and well, then they lose a patient.  Maybe this just seems too easy, too good to be true.  I didn't go to medical school, therefore I should not ever have figured this out, right?

All right, enough of me complaining.  On to cooking!

Tonight I made beef stroganoff - not in the traditional way, but definitely just as tasty (or in my opinion, better!)  I substituted olive oil for butter, coconut milk for sour cream, skipped the paprika, and served it over shredded fried zucchini rather than rice or noodles.  Oh soooo gooooood!!!!

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