Wednesday, October 20, 2010

some happy news!

Yesterday Kaiden sat up all by himself!!  Of course, I missed it.

I changed his diaper, left him on his back on the floor and left the room to take care of the dirty diaper.  Came back to see him sitting up, and not where I left him!  He hasn't yet repeated the action, but if he did it once, I'm sure he can do it again!

These last few weeks Kaiden hasn't really done anything new; instead he's been refining his motor skills.  PT has him cruising furniture and 4 point creeping (assisted).  He can now go from a sitting position forward into a 4 point position, then does a belly flop - which is much better than him letting himself fall over onto his side, then twisting to get onto his belly.

He had stopped with the self feeding and is now back to grabbing the spoon if he feels I'm not feeding him fast enough!  I should just let him have the spoon and the bowl and walk away and see what he does . . . but I think Lola will end up with his food if I do that!

With motivation (my fork???) he will inchworm thru the house - from the living room into the dining room and up over the threshold into the kitchen.  I don't know why he likes forks so much . . . I don't let him play with it, I give him a spoon as reward instead!  Safer for all involved!

He has tentatively started exploring.  He normally sticks to inchworming around his play area and has now ventured into the dining room a few times; tonight he was fascinated by the wallpaper.  Then played tug with Lola and one of her toys . . . too cute!  Got that on video.

Not much else to report right now . . . I did read something regarding nightshades where nicotine works synergystically with solanine to do something . . . nicotine is in nightshades (as is solanine).  As previously mentioned, solanine is in blueberries, but I'm pretty sure nicotine isn't.  Have to dig further into that.

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CeCe Green Gal said...

Awesome! So happy to hear about him sitting up! And you're right If he did it once, he'll do it again! :-)