Friday, December 24, 2010

More progress!

Kaiden has pulled himself to standing twice - first time in his crib, where he managed to flip himself right out onto the floor!  Second time, he did it at his leapfrog table.  Still waiting for him to do it again, but he will.  He's much better at taking steps (assisted) and now chews food like a pro.  It is SO nice not to have to basically mince his food.  Self feeding - not so much.  The most he does is stick his hands in the food and squish it.  My mom said I did that too!  He will reach for the sippy cup and attempt to drink from it.  I want to try out a straw cup with him, but I have to find one that's not so darn difficult to get the liquid out of.  Playtex has been recommended, but it's locating one that's the problem., here I come I guess!

He gets into EVERYTHING!!!  I've had to baby-proof at a higher level in the house . . . I admit, I leave tempting items just out of his reach so he will work a little harder.

Kaiden is so vocal now, chatters all the time - I just wish they were real words . . . it's now been slightly over 1 year from the time he very clearly said "Mama" 3x to me . . . well, now he reaches for me so I'll take what I can get. LOL

The diaper venture is going pretty well, had 10 sales so far and more interested.  Slow start, but that's how it goes with a new product.  All the feedback I've gotten has been positive . . . I hope this takes off a bit, the extra income would be nice.  Not to mention I love to sew! LOL  I am working on animal themed diapers too, made a few and now people are requesting them - but I'm still working on the design.  The animals are easy to add, but I've got to get the pattern set where I like it first.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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