Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just putting some thoughts down

Things to mull over . . . with the apparent horseradish sensitivity . . . each time the dish was served, it was served with fresh pineapple.  Kaiden has always gotten a little belly rash with fresh pineapple, so I know he's got a little bit of a sensitivity there and I rarely give it to him.  His hand swelled up once more, during his birthday party where he ate fresh pineapple, but no horseradish.

Maybe it was the combination of the two together, I don't know. 


Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice contains bromelain in its stem; the protein bromelain has multiple anti-inflammatory properties and specifically breaks down mucus in the sinus passages. According to Alternative Medicine Review, bromelain blocks prostaglandin tissue-swelling effects and slows fluid accumulation in damaged tissue areas.

also from the same article:

Horseradish says that medicinal effects of horseradish have been documented as early as the mid-1500s. Horseradish is a cruciferous plant related to cabbages; simply the aroma of grated fresh horseradish root may reduce nasal congestion. Placing freshly grated root in the mouth until the taste is absorbed proves an effective way to reduce mucus levels quickly. Horseradish also has antibacterial properties in its root oils to prevent sinus infection development, and eating horseradish can help remove excessive fluid buildup in the body.

This is where I'm thinking it was the two together - if he's sensitive to both, having the opposite reactions to them than most people do - instead of relieving swelling & excessive fluid buildup, he got the opposite.  No clue why it only affected his left hand though. 

The swelling, later burst capillaries, and resulting bruising can be assiciated with vasculitis, cellulitis, Raynaud's Syndrome, and cryoglobulinemia  . . . but each one of those, the swelling/bruising is extremely painful, whereas Kaiden shows no pain whatsoever.  He uses the hand just like he normally would and is happy and active.  Which brings me back to the thought that's it's most likely a food sensitivity.

Not only have I taken away horseradish, I have eliminated all pineapple from his diet.  He was getting frozen pineapple with breakfast almost every morning.  No more flare-ups since.  The swelling is receding, and the color is beginning to go back to normal.  I figure, like a bad injury, it will take 6 - 8 weeks to look normal again.  Then we'll just have to keep an eye on it and see if it ever happens again.

Now on to Kaiden's 2 yr well-visit with the pediatrician.  Somehow, Kaiden grew taller, got chunkier . . . but weighs less???  How does THAT happen??  It's only 1/2 lb or so but still, that doesn't make any sense.  They do have 2 scales there, and should have tried out both scales just to make sure the first one wasn't off.  So this means they want him back in in another 3 months for a weight check.  Being on the paleo diet means you will be at your optimum weight . . . I'm sorry, but I'm not feeding him crap just to make him gain weight.  He has plenty of chub and has even put some on.  Oh - and . . . get this!!  He is SO active, wants to play all the time, and with his 2 yr molars coming in, isn't sleeping well at night.  He's happy, not cranky, so he's getting enough sleep . . . but of course being so active is blamed for his 1/2 lb weight loss.  So his pediatrician suggested I "just put him down in the afternoon and walk away".  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!  Yeah RIGHT!!  Even if he doesn't have anything to play with, he's not going to go to sleep!  He's ACTIVE!!! 

Now does this make sense??  I get the fact that he needs calories/fat for cognitive development and they are worried that he's not getting enough for his activity level . . . but if he refuses to slow down, and already eats very, very well with A LOT of fat & calories (see paleo diet!!), and is growing and happy and active and developing fantastically for a child with Down Syndrome . . . I'm supposed to take away his toys and force quiet time??  How does that help his cognitive development when there is nothing to stimulate him??  Rather a paradox, don't you think?

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Delekatala said...

Sometimes I think doctors have no common sense. Lily has reynaud's. If it was that i think you would know, it has a very distinct and somewhat disturbing look to it, google pictures shows you but only really severe cases. Lily often doesn't show pain when hers is acting up, I think kids are just able to shrug things off.