Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mother's intuition kicks in again . . .

I wanted to get Kaiden's thyroid levels checked again.  He does not show one single symptom of hypothyroid except that he is still very, very tiny and I just want to look under every stone.  At age 5, he is now finally just over 36" tall and a whopping 28.5 lbs dripping wet.  His head circumference is still very tiny, too, at about 18.5".  He is finally gaining weight though, with the right digestive enzymes, at a rate of about 1lb per month.  We had a couple of setbacks with gastrointestinal illnesses last fall but he's gained that weight back and continues to gain.

He hasn't had his thyroid levels tested for a couple of years because the last few times, his levels looked great.  This time . . . he has a high TSH and a very slightly low RT3, meaning he is slightly hypothyroidic (although, again, there are NO symptoms).   Kaiden's doctor recommended levothyroxine at first, but it contains an artificial dye, so that's off the table.  If we have to do thyroid meds, I'd prefer to use something along the lines of Nature-Throid.  He was on synthroid for a few months as an infant, but the endocrinologist felt Kaiden was tested at the wrong time after birth (something about how the levels fluctuate after birth) and that he never needed to be on it in the first place, and being on it sent his levels too far in the opposite direction.

As I was contemplating what to do . . . this nagging thought kept coming back.  I've learned, I better listen to that voice!  I've given Kaiden kelp for the last 4.5 years, ever since he was anemic at 6 months old.  I give him a tiny little scoop once every 8 days.  Although I know kelp should only be used for the short term as it can affect the thyroid, I was thinking once every 8 days should be a small enough amount that it wouldn't affect it, just be some occasional additional nutrition.  Except as he grew bigger, I increased the scoop from a slight amount to a half scoop, then to a full scoop, which is in the neighborhood of approximately 1/64th of a teaspoon.  And in the last few months, I've been ignoring that little voice that said, hey, does he really still need this?  Am I giving him too much?

I argued with the doctor - a lot -  over the suggestion of levothyroxine; I really, really, did not want to put him on a synthetic med.  Everything in me was screaming it was the WRONG answer.  I gave it a lot of thought; then finally listened to that little voice nagging me about the kelp and talked to the doctor again.  I love that he told me I am stubborn, and that it's a good thing!  I reminded him that Kaiden's been on synthroid before, and what the effects were.  And that Kaiden is SO incredibly sensitive to so many things - OTC calcium supplments (not plant based), OTC bromelain, the dosages of his amino acids, etc. At one point last year the doctor had suggested we double the kelp - although I cannot remember why at the moment - and doing that, Kaiden DID show symptoms of hypothyroidism. I suggested before we go with any thyroid meds, I need to listen to this voice and remove the kelp from his supplement routine.  Then retest in 3 months, and see what happens.

On to . . . diaper rash!  If you remember (or at least go way back in the blog) Kaiden used to have this nasty diaper rash caused by something in certain fruits.  We had a whole long list of fruits to avoid.  Lately, this rash has crept back.  It's nowhere near as bad as it was then; this is just one small spot, but it is a very stubborn spot.  It'll go away with my Healing Salve, but stop using it and it comes right back.  Back then, we tried giving Kaiden GABA for cognitive supplementation.  While it didn't work for cognitive issues - instead it made him frustrated, angry, and sleepless - it DID somehow cure that diaper rash within 3 days.  I have absolutely no idea why GABA took care of the diaper rash, none, not even the remotest, faintest idea beyond my thoughts from back then.  But seeing this rash come back . . . I'm considering putting him back on it for 3 - 5 days or so, at a very tiny dose, to see if it takes care of the rash again. I'll put up with an angry Kaiden for a few days if it means the rash will disappear for another year and a half!! Although, I sincerely hope Kaiden's not still in diapers that long . . . but until he can tell me that he needs to go instead of telling me that he's already gone, we're stuck with diapers. But, haha, that's okay.  I LOVE my fitted diapers!

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Laura said...

Very interesting. I'm curious to hear the update after these supplement changes.