Thursday, September 30, 2010

more nightshade ramblings

I'm rambling because I need a place to put down my thoughts so I can come back to them later when I try to think back and remember what I've all come across!

Both cayenne and wolfberries, however, are the exception to the nightshade rule: Neither has significant toxicity and despite warnings about other nightshades, both wolfberries and cayenne pepper are universally recommended for health.

Interestingly, cayenne pepper doesn't affect Kaiden - it's in his vitamins.  I thought when we first started to eliminate nightshades I might have to find different vitamins for him.  And solanine is in blueberries - and they are one of Kaiden's favorite fruits - and they don't affect Kaiden either - at least not seizure-wise.  Now, wolfberries (aka goji berries) DID cause an increase in Kaiden's seizure activity . . . at the time I had no idea they were part of the nightshade family - but then again, at that time I didn't realize nightshades were causing his seizures.

Cayenne has mixed results regarding arthritis.  Some swear by it and become pain-free, and others, it only makes their arthritis worse.

I wish I knew exactly what was in each member of the nightshade family . . . they each contain the alkaloids of which there are several different ones, what other foods contain those alkaloids - but what else those foods contain that the alkaloids don't cause problems for certain conditions yet do for others.  Of course, I still have yet to look up to see what the difference between an alkaloid and a glycoalkaloid is, same as with choline and acteylcholine.

I could stay up all night researching . . . but for right now I'd rather play with my special little boy.

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