Thursday, March 17, 2011

EEK! A toddling toddler??

We are getting closer!!!  Mr. Kaiden still doesn't do 4-point creeping (what we normally call crawling), he 'inchworms",  but his assisted walking is getting so much better!  He only needs to hold onto our hands and off we go!  When he decides he's had enough, he sits.

My favorite new thing is that when we go to read some books - I know which book is his favorite (Moo, Baa, La la la by Sandra Boynton), I purposely bury it in the pile of books and grab a different book to start with.  He has now done this several times - he pushes the book I'm holding out of his way, then finds and grabs his favorite book.  Then he closes the book I'm trying to read to him, takes it out of my hands and gives me his favorite and tries to open it.  Oh, and I must read it several times; once isn't enough!  He is so darn cute!!

Kaiden is now beginning to understand the concept of pointing - when we point to something, he looks at our hand and follows it to what we are pointing at, no problem, even the therapists got to see that today.  But, he still doesn't point to anything himself.  Same with eating.  Doesn't want to self-feed.  In fact, earlier this week he grabbed the spoon from me and I was able to help him load some food on it - but to get that spoon to his mouth - ooooh did that ever make him mad!  He yanked the spoon out of my hand and threw it on the floor with some authority, then screamed at me!  I don't get this - he brings everything ELSE to his mouth, why not food??

Funny thing is, I've found he learns new skills best by watching other children - but it's not just any children, he learns best by watching other children with Down Syndrome.  I never thought that when we started going to a support group that THAT would be the result . . . what a funny child he is!!

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