Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seems to be working . . .

Tuesday night Kaiden got his first dose of Hawthorn Heart Berry Syrup.  I keep hawthorne on hand for Lola, with her significant heart murmur.  And what happened?  Kaiden peed all night long, and peed heavily all day Wednesday, without upping his normal liquid intake.  His fingers do look better; the color is better and his hands aren't turning blue anywhere near as much. 

What does this tell me?  That his heart wasn't working as efficiently as it could and he was indeed retaining fluids.  The fingers on his left hand may take awhile to heal . . . having them swell up so badly and burst the capillaries is like a bad injury.  Time will tell how long it takes.

Another WIN for holistic medicine . . . and remember, western medicine says there is "no cure for lymphedema". ;-) 

I'm not saying we should all stop listening to our western medicine doctors . . . but please don't take their word as law.  There ARE alternatives, and in my opinion, much healthier ones!

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My Little Wonders said...

Sometimes it is down right amazing how quickly non-western remedies can help or cure something that western medicine deems non-cureable. And I agree ... there is a place for western medicine, and I like getting our doctor's take on things, but just because they say something is so doesn't mean it is so.