Sunday, June 5, 2011

so happy!

I am finally starting to come across more and more parents of children with Down Syndrome who are doing the same things we are!  Treating the individual child based on their dietary and musculoskeletal needs instead of working under the label that is Down's.

I really dislike that label.  It comes with expectations of what a child won't do well, and that the child will be developmentally delayed.  It doesn't have to be that way, not at all!!  Yes, Kaiden is delayed - but since his seizures stopped, he has kept up with development for the adjusted age he would be if you could take out that 10 month period where he had the seizures.  Even though it was extroardinarily painful to watch him have seizures, I am so thankful for them - because without them we would never have accidentally discovered Kaiden's amazing potential to be a suprisingly absolutely normal kid.  Who knew that nightshades could make such a difference?  (As well as the paleo diet.) And the therapies he's getting . . . I know Kaiden's going to be just fine and do well in life.  He's going to need a little extra therapeutic help getting there, but he WILL get there, no doubt about that.


Anne Wright said...

Hi Anne. My husband found your post on the epilepsy foundation forum about nightshades and seizures ( I'm sorry you got such clueless responses there, but glad he found it!

I too now avoid nightshades and eat a mostly paleo diet. We should talk. I'll try to send you my email through the facebook account you mention in your profile.

I didn't exactly have seizures: that is something the neurologist suspected, but the EEG he ordered came up clean. I did, however have issues with nervous system (particularly autonomic nervous sysetm), muscles, and guts that were getting severe and which the doctors were not particularly able to help with.

After they ran out of other ideas, one sent me to Ayurveda to pursue a vata balancing diet. After about 8 months of that helping while cooking at home and mostly relapses when I tried to eat out I got suspicious of nightshades.

My experience and research after that seems to parallel what you describe when talking about your son's experience. I've written some of it up at

The one thing you say in your post that I haven't seen elsewhere is that nightshade foods cause the body to excrete calcium. Do you have a reference for that?

Take care,

Anne Wright said...

Actually, I couldn't figure out a reasonable way to private message you through facebook. Sorry.

Please leave me any messages for me here:

Hope to connect.

Anne said...

Hi Anne! having issues with Blogger letting me comment on any blogs! anyway I saw your comments on my blog, asking for reference - this is the best I could find:;content - this article cites many older studies done. I have not yet been able to find copies of the studies to read online. The part about the mylein sheath is suspect to me - it's noted in wikipedia, which references that acetylcholinesterase inhibitors can actually help repair the myelin sheath . . . there have been studies done regarding acteylcholinesterase inhibitors helping those with Alzheimers and Down Syndrome but in our case, eliminating them did MUCH more good. It is my belief that it's everything found in the plants themselves that work synergistically together to cause the problems we experience. Researchers only single out the alkaloids when testing acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, there are numerous studies out there regarding Alzheimers and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, yet none regarding Alzheimers and nightshade foods, if that makes sense. Would love to talk more!
Anne (greenchild)

Anne said...

If you'd like to get in touch, I *should* be able to message you thru Facebook if you write on the wall of my business Facebook page, I'll keep watch, I'm on there quite frequently. :)