Friday, June 24, 2011

We have a crawler!!

Kaiden's been crawling now for a little while, keeps getting better at it!  He's also cruising furniture well. Yesterday he even walked behind a push-cart all by himself!! Obsessed with books, he even signed "eat" at me Wednesday morning for the first time since last summer! 

Oh yeah . . . he bites too.  But, to his credit, it only took 3 times of firm words and being quickly removed from my arms and set on the floor before he decided that biting mom (and giggling) wasn't such a good idea.  Now he'll gingerly bite my shirt and look up at me to see if that gets him in trouble (which it does).  Usually a "don't even think about it" is enough to make him stop.  But . . . he's two.  He's pushing boundries.  And that's a good thing!!

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