Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's July!

I haven't been bitten since the last time I posted about it . . . it really does make me laugh when people say that Down's kids need LOTS of repetition to "get" something.  Well, if you count 3x as a lot, maybe.  Well, anyway, I'm glad the biting phase is over. 

We took Kaiden to the Gillette Children's free mobile outreach clinic here in town on 6/30 at the encouragement of his therapists, to show him off.  The program is designed for children who may have issues and their parents either don't know about Children's or can't afford a diagnostic visit.  It was nice to hear that they couldn't suggest anything further, that we are doing everything we possibly can for our boy - and they even said that they would have guessed he was older based on his abilities!  It's one thing to think it, but to hear it from an "expert" is kinda gratifying!

Today Kaiden's been driving me nuts . . . he is such a typical 2 yr old as far as tantrums go . . . it's been on and off all day.  Gotta love the kid!

Just an FYI for anyone who doesn't know . . . when Corelle dishes DO break, they don't just break.  They SHATTER.  Into shards and shards and shards . . . and yes, I got a minor stab wound on the bottom of my foot when I turned around as the badly stacked dirty dishes slid onto the floor and had a frying pan land on them.  I cleaned the floor 3 times, hope that took care of it all.  What a mess!!! Thankfully Kaiden was already in bed and nobody (else) got hurt.  15 years is a pretty good run though for those plates!

Trying out new recipes for supper tonight (as usual) - somewhat of a combination of my cranberry chicken + my apple butter chicken recipes, and a apple/parsnip mash recipe (from Martha Stewart that of course I modified) as a side dish.  Because . . . apparently . . . it is impossible for me to actually follow any recipes but my own! Eh, recipes?  Who needs 'em?  Just toss stuff together. Smells pretty good in here!

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