Friday, August 12, 2011

Clinoptilolite Zeolite, anyone?

Really, I was only looking for the ingredient list to Rockin' Green's new "ammonia bouncer" stuff, as we are currently experiencing some cloth diaper ammonia issues thanks to a laundring mistake I made in June.  Since no one else online can find the list, they must not list it on the package. I don't have a package, and I'm not going to order one just to find out - so I did my best looking at pictures of the package online.

** I get proprietary information and all, but is it fair to the consumer to list your product as all natural if you won't disclose the ingredients?  **

ANYWAY . . . since it didn't list what they use, I looked up "natural ammonia remover" and came up with clinoptilolite zeolite, which forms (over 50,000 years) when volcanic stuff meets seawater.  And then I read about its uses as a garden aid, dietary supplement for livestock, even dietary supplement for humans.  And it's been touted as a cure for everything (really, what natural product hasn't, these days!!) and says on many websites that it is used in the treatment of autism and down syndrome.  It doesn't say anything about clinical trials, just a few peoples' online testimony.  It's also sold as cat litter (not the clumping kind).  Oh, and don't forget, a cure for cancer.  (But don't inhale it or you'll likely end up with mesothelioma.)

What it does is adsorb (not absorb) ammonia (among many other things) and transport it out of the body.  With regard to cat litter, it's supposed to cut down the odor.  Alright, so since this stuff has so many widespread uses, I thought I'd try it.  If nothing else, it should make for great garden fertilizer!

I purchased a 25lb "garden aid" bag off Amazon (since nobody here in town carries it) for under $9.  Shipping was expensive due to the weight, but still cheaper than buying the exact same single ingredient sold as a dietary supplement for 4x the price, yet less than 1/25th the size.  Nice, right? 

So, I'll try adding it to the water when washing diapers.  Hopefully it will take care of the ammonia issue there.  I can sprinkle some out in Lola's outdoor area.  Should keep down what little stink we do have out there (although raw feeding has gone a long way to cutting down the stink!).  I'll probably even add some to the garden this fall as fertilizer.

And on to Kaiden . . . I'll give it a try myself first to see if I notice any difference - but in regards to T21, ammonia is supposed to accumulate in the brain thanks to the overabundance of glutamate from the extra chromosome.  And clinoptilolite zeolite is supposed to adsorb ammonia and transport it out of the body.  We'll see what happens.  If nothing else, it certainly can't hurt Kaiden unless he sticks his nose in the bag and inhales, repeatedly.


Anonymous said...

Hi. What was the result of your experiment? Did it make a significant difference to the ammonia problem?

I'm considering using clinoptilolte zeolite to palliate a subfloor cat urine problem in my apartment (former tenant issue) and so I wonder how your use went.


Anne said...

Thanks for asking! :) I never did end up giving it to him orally, but washing with it made a HUGE difference with his diapers, so much that I am still using it. Less is needed now though, as I developed a natural laundry soap recipe that worked better. :)