Friday, August 12, 2011


oh yeah, I almost forgot - and how could I seeing as this has consumed us this week!

Monday Kaiden threw the worst all-day tantrum, ever.  All because I'd held his spoon in my left hand instead of my right, in hopes that he would begin to immitate me that way (mirror image) since I think he's right handed. 

So . . . after all that drama out of a 2 yr old where he clearly let me know he could, he just doesn't WANT to self feed. . . I'd had enough and decided he WILL begin self feeding, NOW. I've tried every method I could think of and nothing has worked; now I get to out-stubborn him.  I strongarmed him, and forced hand-over-hand feeding.  I had to pull his little arm away from his side, wrap his little fingers around the spoon, bend his little elbow, and force the spoon to his mouth.  Then get him to open his mouth and accept the food. And lots and lots of praise for anything that went right! I've been documenting his progress with pictures on Facebook.  Yesterday was the first day that didn't involve screaming and tears but we still had plenty of "mad face" and whining; today at lunch was the first meal that didn't involve screaming/tears/mad face/whining!  And we even had cooperation!  I only had to prompt him to pick up the spoon about 25% of the time. 

I imagine I'll be doing hand over hand guiding the spoon to his mouth for awhile until his aim is reliable but I'm okay with that.  We're making progress!

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