Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept already?

I know, I know, I really need to update more often.  Today is Sept 14th and on the news they're talking possibly a killing frost tonight!  Early winter???  Kaiden got to sleep in his zip up fleece pj's with feet last night.  They still fit . . . for now . . . good thing I have the next size up stored away.

The self feeding is going well.  This week marks 5 weeks into it. The refusal is totally gone, so now we're just focusing on improving his skills.  He will now bring a loaded spoon to his mouth and eat no problem all by himself, but occasionally flips the spoon like any toddler.  We're still working on getting him to load the spoon; he doesn't dip the spoon far enough into the food.

For those out there that think working with crystals (aka rocks) is total bunk, let me tell you it isn't!  The weekend before last we spent down in Missouri with friends and 3 of us did some energy work on Kaiden, focusing on his arms.  Part of the self feeding issue was that he would not move his upper right arm - not that he couldn't, but wouldn't.  I had to pull his arm away from his body.  I didn't tell my friends about the upper arm thing; and both of them once we were done mentioned their upper right arms hurt.  The next day, Kaiden's upper arm movement was free.  Last night since the moon was still nice and full (yeah, yeah, I hear you, it's all crap . . . really, no it isn't.  Unless you've had personal experience with it please don't denounce it. I could go into detail about all the amazing things that happened during our energy session, but that's for another time/place.) I recharged the crystals and did more energy work, this time focusing on his fingers to help improve his fine motor skills. 

Part of my theory with Kaiden and the energy work - his therapists have introduced us to the Masgutova Method, which has to do with reflexes.  The theory there is that preemies (regardless of genetic condition) don't get that scrunched up time in the womb and because of that, have issues with movement and motor skills.  There's a lot more to the Masgutova Method but this is the part that applies here; Kaiden's body movements have been, well, not quite right.  We've been working with this method and seen improvements so it stands to reason as to why the energy work has been successful as well.

That's it for  now; today is a super busy day!

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Tiff said...

So glad that Kaiden's movements are so much freer.