Sunday, October 9, 2011

Evolution or De-Evolution?

More from my "I'm wide awake in the middle of the night" thoughts . . . Is the human race continuing to evolve, or are we de-evolving?

With all the advancements in modern medicine (hey, I don't hate it ALL) look how many people are able to lead happy healthy productive lives and produce children of their own . . . people that without medical intervention would never have survived to procreate.  Since we value people so highly, most people think this is a wonderful thing!  And it is. :)  But thinking about it strictly from a Survival of the Fittest approach . . . what kind of genetics have those people passed on to the next generations?  Some genetics don't seem to matter too much while others do. 

Look at all the kids born in today's world that become autistic, have Down Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, or any number of other issues that I can't remember the acronyms for.  Looking back at the last 100 years or even further, we didn't use to have THAT many of these kids with issues.  So . . .what's causing this? Is it strictly genetic, strictly environmental, or both?  Well, with the discovery of autism related genes and we know that Down's is the extra 21st chromosome (that most agree now happens at conception but still don't know WHY it happens) . . . let's go genetic. 

But, seeing how going back to the basics of GFCF, Specific Carbhydrate, and nightshade free diets, along with the help of therapies and supplements, has helped so many kids recover significantly if not fully recover . . . it has to be environmental too since they get worse on today's Standard American Diet that doctors so highly recommend.

So how did we get here? Did we evolve to have those genetic predispositions by way of helping those to survive that under "Survival of the Fittest" would otherwise not have survived?  Is it that the older generations adapted to the new processed foods, but it changed their genetics giving rise to these new genetics? And can you really call it "evolution" thinking it means moving forward when we have to go back to basics to heal our kids . . . should it be called de-evolution because we need simpler, unprocessed foods?

Yeah, this is the kind of thing I think about when I'm wide awake at night . . .

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