Saturday, October 27, 2012

Changed up the amino acid supplements

Friday we had his follow up appointment with the osteopath. Kaiden had not been sleeping well at all lately, even with cutting back on the GABA, so earlier this week I took him off the taurine and GABA completely to see if he'd sleep better. And in about 3 days, he did. Not great, but better than he has been. I don't want to give up on the amino acids, because he is gaining mobility, muscle tone, and able to focus better.

The doctor agreed we should suspend the taurine and the GABA for now, and try L-Theanine (another amino acid) and digestive enzymes for the time being. His last fecal screen (in July) showed inflammation in the gut (blood in the stool + elevated white blood cells); we also talked about my guess of what was causing his diaper rash. It was nice to hear as we discussed everything, "Your Mommy instincts have been right on, so if you see anything or have any more insights, give us a call!"

L-Theanine is supposed to help regulate his sleep cycle, and we are to give him one capsule at bedtime. Last night he got his first dose and he slept pretty well. He was up several times for water (up once for water is his normal sleep routine) but went quickly back to sleep each time. He did wake up earlier than we wanted to get up on a Saturday, so we brought him into bed with us to get a couple more hours of sleep, LOL!!!

I'm a little hesitant with the digestive enzymes; earlier on I had tried bromelain with him and he didn't tolerate it at all. But, he eats pineapple now with no issues so hopefully this will go okay. I had been thinking that in the last several months he's not getting as much nutrition out of his food as he should so this should help - as long as he tolerates it. Breakfast went well but the day's not over yet.

Next appointment is at the end of January. :)

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