Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today's rant:

I get that most of the world is uneducated about what Down Syndrome really is or what it means, and that includes the so-called "experts". But it never fails to amaze me when people say "oh, (s)he must not have it that bad" or "oh, (s)he must only have it a little bit". It's not a viral or bacterial infection, people. It's an extra chromosome. Either you have it or you don't. "That bad" or "a little bit" largely depends on diet and therapies and how hard you make a person work instead of coddling them because you think they can't do anything or you feel sorry for them. Give them a chance. Give them MANY chances. From what I've observed and learned, it's not that people aren't cognitively capable . . . they might not be physically able but that doesn't mean their mind doesn't work.

When Kaiden began to show delays, it wasn't blamed on the illness that cropped up at the time - the yeast overload and then the seizures - in fact, we were told that the seizures WOULDN'T affect him. It was all blamed on the extra chromosome, we were told the delays were normal and we should expect them. But I'd see a glimmer in his eye, moments of clarity - sometimes only a moment, sometimes maybe an hour, where I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt he was in there, in that prison of a body. And once the seizures stopped . . . but I can't blame his delays all on the seizures. It was diet. Yes, diet. For him, nightshade foods. The seizures were merely a side effect of nightshade foods. He, unlike many of the population, has a very low level of tolerability. Highly sensitive.

My main goal of this blog is to get someone else to try eliminating nightshade foods - for Down Syndrome or any other "global delay" disorder. Just try it. Am I right? Or are we an isolated case? I'll never know, NOBODY will ever know, unless more people try it out.


Prather Family said...

Such an educating post. I hope things continue to go well for Kaiden. You are an awesome mommy for doing all your research and making changes that will help him grow and learn. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, we have eliminated them for our son too. Thank you for sharing your story! You might like to shout about your story on a Facebook group called 'Diets for Epilepsy' - your blog is already featured on there, so hopefully more people will hear about what you have found.