Monday, July 19, 2010

back from vacation!

Okay so we got back a week ago!  We had a wonderful time, fishing was great except for having to throw back all those oversize walleyes, darn it! Nick brought home a trophy 36" 13lb northern pike which will be very tasty when shared with family & friends.  Overall, we brought home 7 northerns & 3 walleye, 2 of which we shared with the neighbors for looking after our place while we were gone.

Kaiden continues to make strides, he can now sit up all by himself for long periods of time playing with toys.  He does bang his head on the floor a bit, which I have been told is just a sensory learning thing (now that he can really feel stuff!) and he will outgrow it in time.  At least the carpet is padded!

The little stinker is now grabbing the food bowl away from me as I feed him and tries to fling it onto the floor . . . uh-uh, not gonna happen little guy.  Mama went out to Walmart and got a bowl with a suction cup bottom today. Try it now, HA!  I really need to set him up in the kitchen with food in the bowl and let him have at it.  Pudding play, it's called - or in our case with Kaiden's diet, applesauce play.  I may need the garden hose when he's done . . .

Kaiden is firmly in the 12 - 15 month developmental range now - still closer to 12 month but making strides every day!  I still have not heard one word back from his neurologist.  I think he's a lost cause.  So, today I contacted a different neurologist with the University of Minnesota- or rather, his nurse, and left a message.  I hope I hear back.  Also, in reading the local paper today, there was an article on a local family with a child with epilepsy and so I gave them a call.  It was great to connect with another family, and I really hope they try eliminating nightshade foods . . . it certainly can't hurt!

I realize it's up to me to get the word out . . . difficult when the local media says "we are not interested at this time" and the doctors don't respond.  I guess that's what Facebook, blogs, and message forums are for!  Every  now and then I try looking up "nightshade" and "benign myoclonic seizures" in Google and the only things that come up are the things I've personally posted.  Maybe if I post enough somebody else will see it.  I just have to be persistant.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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