Sunday, July 25, 2010

I forgot to mention . . .

**UPDATE to this post - the vitamins' ingredient list now no longer contains cayenne**

Kaiden is 99.999999% nightshade free, not truly 100%.  His vitamins, Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Mins, contains cayenne extract. Maybe the extract doesn't contain the alkaloids, or maybe it's at a low enough dosage, or maybe cayenne peppers just don't bother him.  Not all members of nightshade foods affect people the same way.  Some may only be affected by one or two members, while others have problems with most or all of them.

I had rarely used cayenne pepper in cooking, and probably not at all since Kaiden was born.  I was primarily using chili peppers, chili powder, Mexican chili powder, paprika, tomatoes and frozen bell peppers on a regular basis.  I know that fresh bell peppers, eggplant, and paprika did a number on him, and I suspect chili peppers/powders did too - but I used them primarily in dishes that had tomatoes in them - so which was it - or was it all of it?

I don't even give Kaiden the full dosage of his vitamins - only 1/3 the recommended dosage - so the amount of cayenne extract he's getting is extremely tiny.  Still, I worry, even though he's been seizure free for almost 2 months now.

I'm still debating the whole vaccination issue as well.  I know we can fill out forms with the school district and Kaiden doesn't have to be vaccinated.  Nick would like him vaccinated; I'm on the fence.  At any rate, I want him seizure free for a full year before we revisit the issue.  If we choose to proceed, I do have some bentonite clay, and he will have clay baths following any vaccinations to remove the toxins from his system.  And he will only get 1 vaccine at a time.  He'll be far behind, but hey, it's my choice, not society's.  And I think I've already proven I have some idea of what I'm doing! ;-)

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Prather Family said...

I am so happy that things are working and Kaiden is seizure free. I'm glad to be following your blog so I can stalk you somewhere else other than JM. Good luck with your vaccination decision.