Friday, July 23, 2010

A word about radishes . . .

In one word, yum!!

I planted some Purple Plum radishes this year along with some Cherry Belle's.  While the Cherry Belle's produced as expected, the Purple Plum's did not.  It took longer for the root bulb to form, and in most cases, didn't form at all.  What they did, however, was go to seed quickly and produced many seed pods. 

Did you know the entire radish plant is edible?  Most people just eat the bulbous root and throw the rest away.  Don't do that . . . you're wasting an excellent meal!  The roots can be sliced and sauteed.  Sautee with some onion & asparagus, add in the chopped radish leaves and stir over low heat until just wilted.  Add salt & pepper and serve!

Back to the Purple Plums . . . I tried eating a seed pod and was very pleasantly suprised - they are incredibly tasty!  They taste just like the root, except they are juicier - somewhat like a nice crisp juicy string bean - except it tastes like radish.  The flowers are edible too.  They give just a hint of a radish flavor, and would make a lovely (and beautiful) addition to any salad.

So the next time your garden gets out of hand and you think the radishes are beyond eating . . . they're not.  They're even tastier!  Even Lola liked them. ;-)

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