Thursday, July 29, 2010

the interesting thing about grains . . .

Refined grains make you gassy.  At least in my experience anyway!  In the typical American diet, we consume so much refined grain - and when we eat raw fresh veggies - which, let's face it, most do not eat . . . most people eat some cooked to death version of vegetables . . . we all think fresh raw veggies give us gas.  Oh, sure, we can purchase some gas-reducing product and hope it works . . . but most would just avoid the fresh raw veggies. 

Well, in switching to a grain-free diet, I eat all the fresh raw vegetables I want.  And I'm not gassy!  I sure used to be though, with the old way of eating.  And I found that when I caved and ate something with refined grains, that same gastrointestinal distress - bloating and gas, came right back.  Since this happened each time I caved and consumed refined grains, and went away each time I gave them up, the only conclusion I can come to is that it is the GRAIN, not the fresh raw vegetables, that causes the gastrointestinal distress. 

Let me be clear, this is moreso the case with the beat-to-death refined grains rather than whole grains.

And it makes sense . . . those beat-to-death refined grains slow down digestion, leaving your food to sit there and ferment in your gut (gas, bloating).  If you stop consuming grain, nothing slows down your digestion and the food can move along at the rate it's supposed to.

The true whole grains will still slow down digestion, but not as bad as refined grains.  I'm pretty careful now, and really avoid grains - whole or refined.  And I no longer miss them.

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