Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest updates to Kaiden's accomplishements

Even better news for the day . . . this morning I got a call back from the University of MN's Neurology dept - they wanted to hear Kaiden's story and asked for this blog address!!  I am really excited that somebody in the medical community finally listened, and maybe, just mabye this will go somewhere and can help others - either with benign myoclonic seizures, Down Syndrome, or both!

The last date posted for Kaiden's accomplishments was June 25th.  Here's the most recently updated additions to the list!!

Deliberately and clearly signed eat when it was not mealtime. – around 9:45pm. I offered him water because of the time frame and he drank it all. Afterward he signed eat again and took more water.

(Vacation 7/2 – 7/11, not exactly sure of dates of accomplishments while on vacation)

Sits up unassisted on the floor for long periods of time, 45 min or so with no help balancing.

Tries to get our plates/cups while we are eating

Reaches for toys while supposed to be eating

Scooting backward

Signs eat when we are eating and he is not.

Bites down on spoon during feedings and won’t let go.

Stood up straight, at full extension in his walker and lifted his arms all the way up reaching for me to pick him up.

Reaches for everything now!

Weight bearing with arms straight, hands on thighs while in sitting position, rocking back and forth at the same time.

Grabbing bowl of food and trying to fling it off highchair

Purposeful toy play, figured out how to use a lever to get a toy to spin.

Stood for about 20 seconds on his own, and reached for Nick while falling.

Took a couple steps holding onto Nick

Now able to stand and support himself against his Leapfrog table while playing with it.

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